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Packages and Gift Certificates

  • One hour session (on-file or local pick up) $65
    Gift Certificate for one "Darn Good Therapeutic Massage" session at Shine to be kept on file or picked up here at Shine.
  • Therapeutic Massage 3-pack $179
    Package of three one hour therapeutic massage sessions at a package price! Perfect if you come in for monthly or every other week pain relief and maintenance.
  • Back Pain 6-Pack $379
    A series of 6 one-hour sessions where first we'll look at your gait and posture, leg length and pelvic balance then we'll work on your back, legs, glutes and core muscles to help restore muscles to a more normal resting length and wipe out those trigger points to make more room for all the structures to glide the way they should.
  • One hour session (includes shipping) $66
    Good for one "Darn Good Therapeutic Massage" at Shine. We will mail the gift certificate to the recipient-- just leave us a message or email with the address!
  • One hour session with greeting card and shipping $72
    We will hand pick a greeting card (Birthday, Retirement, End of big project, Thank you...) to go with the gift certificate and mail it for you. Just call or email us with the address.
  • Grandma's to Whistle Stop $419
    Six 75-minute Integrative Sports Massage sessions tailored to meet your individual training and recovery goals! We've got the stretching, the awesome calf work, the IT band techniques, pin and stretch releases, and more all seamlessly blended into a fantastic massage to help you go further faster with less pain and optimal flexibility.